Monday, April 18, 2011


If making breakfast while juggling the demands of parenthood has ever seemed challenging, spare a thought for Anna Lumb. Balanced precariously in high heels, Lumb makes herself a breakfast of rice bubbles, coffee and fruit while spinning a hula hoop around various extremities, including her neck. It’s a strong opening scene for this occasionally uneven show, which employs circus, cabaret, and comedy to tell the story of a 50 foot woman in search of a new home.

Replete with B-movie imagery, a hairy sidekick, and a slideshow of tacky tourist attractions such as the Big Banana, Lumb is at her best with the production’s physical elements. Other sequences, such as a more contemplative scene set to Aretha Franklin’s ‘(You Make Me Feel Like ) A Natural Woman’ are less successful.

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a woman dance en pointe while wearing an apartment block on her head, this is the show for you.

Three and a half stars

Anna Lumb - Big Shoes to Fill: An Expose of a 50 Ft Woman Trades Hall until April 24

This review originally appeared in The Age on Monday April 18.


Anonymous said...

Richard: do you have an email address? I don't see one on your profile.

--Ian Slang

richardwatts said...

Ian - you can reach me via burntime at

Reta IL said...

You embody two of my favorite things in this men and australia! Please pardon my excitement as I stalk you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,
Call me clueless, but I'm unfamiliar with how to access "burntime" on netspace per your instructions, sorry. Can I just post a general question here? I came across your blog whilst clicking "next blog" and stopped to browse when I noted your interest in the arts. My dilemma: I've written a screenplay and have had no success pitching it to agents. So i've posted it online in the hopes that it would be discovered and go viral. Any suggestions as to how to get the word out? The URL is; it's a romcom with a twist. Thanks for letting me use this space to post this; fell free to delete this comment if you feel it's cluttering up your blog. PS My email is

richardwatts said...

Ian - I don't have much experience with screenplays, sorry. Here in Melbourne there's an organisation called the Victorian Writers' Centre, which provides writers like yourself with guidance, advice, contacts, workshops etc. Anything like that where you are?

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard: Thank you v.m. for your reply. There are some local screenwriters groups out this way, and reportedly one member did sell a screenplay a few years back. I attended a few sessions while writing my script last year but it was mostly amateurs like myself. Perhaps I'll try another group and see what turns up. Meanwhile, just last night I posted some "storyboard" photos at, joined a few groups, and am in the process of posting some discussions, calling attention to my website in the hopes that it'll get some attention via word of mouth. I'll let you know how that goes. Best of luck in your work; I've got Man About Town in my favorites so I'll keep an eye on your blog. Best wishes, Ian.